Psychotherapy & Counselling



It is sometimes said "If you have a problem in life, seek counselling; if your life is the problem; seek psycholanalysis".

Both kinds of therapy are a response to suffering. My approach is to address this suffering, but to see it as a gateway to new understanding. I base my practice in Lacanian thinking with its focus on speech and listening without jumping to pre-established judgements or formulations. I will try to help you formulate your own question and to clarify how you can find and pursue a direction of your own.

As a result, though attention must be paid to the past and how it shapes the present, I attempt to keep the work orientated to your future.

So reasons for choosing to consult me might include

  • a specific problem or difficulty such as
    • depression
    • anxiety
    • bereavement
    • relationship break up
    • failure to make or keep relationships
  • or a more general sense of dissatisfaction with life

I offer you the opportunity of

  • short term, focused, counselling, usually weekly for two or three months
  • longer term psychoanalytic work. At this stage sessions may be more than once a week
  • the mode of working is always individually tailored and often the two phases are not clearly defined but emerge through speaking together


Val Parks


I have consulting rooms in Finchley (Underground - Finchley Central) & Primrose Hill, Camden (Underground - Chalk Farm)